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Whether you’re a backpacker, a short-term tourist, or on a romantic honeymoon there is no shortage of things to do in Prague at night. Prague’s nightlife is diverse enough to accommodate all manner of tastes.

The nightlife in Prague can range from fancy cocktail lounges to thrumming EDM clubs, classy wine bars to grungy basement pubs and many many things in between. What are YOU looking for? Chances are you will find something that is right up your alley.

Over 7 million tourists flock to Prague each year for the beautiful architecture, captivating history and of course, the bohemian beer. It’s no secret that the city boasts one of the best drinking scenes in Europe. In fact, Czechs tend to supplement most activities with a drink in hand, whether its wandering through the farmer’s market or paddle boating down the Vltava River.

And after a full day of sightseeing, and taking in all of the things to do in Prague, we can’t deny that there is no better way to quench your thirst than venturing into a local pub for a Pilsner. In the summer, tourists can enjoy magnificent views of the city from the beer gardens at Letna or the hills of Riegrovy Sady.

Prague Nightlife

prague castle at night

At night, however, the drinking scene in Prague transforms into something else entirely. When you look past the traditional pubs that the country is known for, you’ll find that Prague’s nightlife is brimming with dungeon-like underground bars, cozy cocktail lounges, and electrifying nightclubs pulsing with music of all kinds.

One thing you WON’T find in our guide to Prague nightlife are things related to sex tourism. A lot of men come to Prague in search of that, but it’s not something we condone, or encourage in any way whatsoever.

Alright, are you guys ready to go out? Let’s get into Prague’s nightlife!

Before we begin –

A Neighborhood Guide to Prague Nightlife

Prague is divided into a number of unique areas, each with its own culture and vibe. Here’s a guide to the neighborhoods best known for their distinctive contributions to Prague nightlife, with bars ranging from chic and sophisticated to artsy and industrial.

Prague 1: Old Town (Stare Město) & New Town (Nové Město)

Sunset in Prague, best day trips from Prague

At the center of Prague are two main districts: Old Town and New Town.

Medieval architecture, galleries and restaurants line the windy cobblestone paths in Stare Město (Old Town). It’s easy to get lost when every which way you turn is a historic building or sculpture waiting to steal your breath away. Home to some of the most notable sights in Prague like the old Jewish Quarter and the Astronomical Clock, Old Town is typically at the top of a travel itinerary. Once the sun sets on the Charles Bridge, however, it’s time to explore the boujee bars hidden within the fairytale district.

Full of luxury retailers, theaters and restaurants, Nové Město (New Town) is known as the high-end shopping district of Prague. It’s also home to Wenceslas Square, featuring many of the city’s hottest nightclubs where you can dance until the sun rises.

Good to Know: Prague 1 is the central hub for tourism. Expect crowded bars and pricey drinks. Like double the price of places outside of the center, in some cases.

Prague 2 & 3: Vinohrady and Žižkov

Views in Prague

Despite these two neighborhoods’ adjacent locations, they couldn’t have more of a yin yang relationship.

With its tree-lined streets, Art Nouveau architecture, international restaurants, and famous farmers market near the Jiřího z Poděbrad (JZP) metro station, Vinohrady is the more fashionable of the sister neighborhoods. Here, you’ll find bars with a Parisian chic vibe filled with locals and tourists. If you’re looking for a fancy night out but don’t want to spend top crowns, Vinohrady is the spot.

With the most bars per capita of any district in Europe, Žižkov is the edgier of the sister neighborhoods and best known for its alternative bar scene. Once a working class district, it still holds on to its grungy charm. Walk along the steep cobblestone streets and you’ll pass traditional Czech pubs, dimly lit bars and moody cocktail lounges. If you feel that your interests lie beyond the fringe of mainstream culture, Žižkov may have what you’re looking for.

For more information on Žižkov, check out our guide to getting off the beaten path in Prague!

Prague 7: Holešovice

Holešovice is a residential neighborhood in the north that also serves as an industrial haven for hipsters, artists and poets. Filled with modern art galleries, trendy cafes and several night clubs, this district is effortlessly cool and culturally rich.

If you want to experience local Prague nightlife in a concrete jungle, this district should not be missed.

How to Get Around Prague at Night

Prague is known for its excellent public transport system, offering trams, buses and the metro to get you around the city.

Metro: The metro is open from 4:45 am to midnight every day. Don’t forget to validate your ticket before heading down to the platform. If caught by a ticket inspector, you could face a thousand crown fine.

Trams and Buses: The trams and buses run at a normal schedule from 4:30 am to midnight everyday. After midnight, they change their numbers and operate on a night schedule. You can find the schedules and numbers at the tram stop.

Taxis and Ride-Share Apps: You can use Uber or Taxify if it’s late and you don’t feel like waiting at the stop. Avoid taxis- they are notorious for ripping off tourists with outrageous rates.

Okay, let’s move on to all of our favorite things to do in Prague at night!

Prague Nightlife – The Best Bars in Prague

Prague Beer Museum

things to do in prague at night, the best of prague's nightlife

The Prague Beer Museum offers two locations in Vinohrady and Old Town. While traditional Czech pubs feature a menu with only a few regional beers, the Prague Beer Museum was the first pub to make a break from this. They are known for their incredible selection of 30 beers on tap from microbreweries all around Czechia, and are always on the lookout for new brews to add to the rotation. Tired of pilsners? You can find IPAs, porters, ales and ciders on their menu. They even offer beer cocktails that are worth sampling just so you can say you did.

So much of Czech culture is influenced by beer and this is evident by the brewery photographs and memorabilia decorating the walls of the pub. You can also order traditional beer snacks like pickled Hermelin cheese or grilled sausages.

Address: Smetanovo nábř. 205/22, Stare Město (Old Town)
Address: Americká 341/43, Vinohrady (we recommend this one more, tbh)

Anonymous Bar

anonymous bar prague
PC: Anonymous

Unless you know it’s there, it’s easy to walk past Anonymous Bar. Housed in a converted stable house in historic Old Town, this unique bar is inspired by V For Vendetta. The bartenders wear Guy Fawkes masks and the movie is played on loop in the bar. Low lighting and menu specials that can only be revealed under a blacklight also help to set the alternative atmosphere.

The bar staff is animated, and the theatrical presentation of the signature cocktails come super close to outshining the flavor. If you order the Hot Fawkes, be prepared to have a masked bartender put on a fire show with your cocktail before serving.

Local Tip: If you plan to head over with a group on a Friday or Saturday night, make a reservation ahead of time.

Address: Michalská 432/12, Stare Město (Old Town)

Hemingway Bar

nightlof ein prague - bet bars in prague

You don’t need to be a fan of Hemingway (although it does add to the charm) to be obsessed with this place. Situated in Old Town only steps away from the Vltava, is Hemingway Bar, one of the best bars in Prague and maybe even in Europe, especially if you are a fan of fancy places that take themselves quite seriously.  Here, you can soak in the cozy dimmed atmosphere while enjoying fresh cocktails mixed by the knowledgeable bar staff.

Hemingway was known for his love affair with drinking, which Hemingway Bar does not shy away from. They carry over 200 varieties of aged rum. You can also sample one of their rare Absinthe replicas; Hemingway Absinthe is distilled exclusively for their bar. The average price of a cocktail is 250 crowns ($11).

Address: Karoliny Svetle 26, Staré Město (Old Town)

Vzorkovna Bar

Down the street from the National Theater in Old Town, Vzorkovna is an underground hangout for hipsters, artists and travelers. On top of being one of the best bars in Prague, we feel its also the coolest. With its grungy atmosphere, pallet bunk bed seating, and dark maze-like interior, the place feels more like a doomsday shelter than a club. There’s even a room with swings chained to the ceiling.

Before heading inside, you will need to make a non-refundable deposit of at least 50 crowns on a chip bracelet. This will be your form of payment when ordering drinks or food at the bar. Once you have a beer in hand, do a walk-through of each room. You’ll find everything from live music in the stage room to laid-back jam sessions in the bunker.

Why is Vzorkovna dubbed the ‘Dog Bar’ by locals? The namesake belongs to the giant (as in the size of a horse) Irish wolfhound you’ll find wandering through the club.

Local Tip: Come hungry. The menu at Vzorkovna is a step above the typical Czech bar fare. The price of a beer is roughly 35 crowns ($1.50).

Address: Národní 339/11, Stare Město (Old Town)


best bars in prague, ;rague nightlife guide

In the heart of grungy Žižkov, Bukowskis is a unique cocktail bar named after the famous American underground author and poet, Charles Bukowski. The dimmed lights, wooden bookshelves and faded wallpaper create an intimate setting perfect for a first date, hanging out with friends, or engaging locals in conversation. The lounge is staffed with friendly bartenders, as far as that goes in Prague.

You can order beer or wine, but we suggest you try one of their delicious fresh cocktails instead. 

Address: Bořivojova 689/86, Žižkov

Prague Nightlife – The Best Clubs in Prague

Let’s look at some of the best clubs in Prague. From Drum and Bass, to techno, to classic American Pop, you’ll find a wide range of club options. 

The Best Cross-Genre Club in Prague – Cross Club

bets bars and clubs in prague - cross club

Whether you’re into mainstream clubs or prefer the alternative scene, Cross Club is a place that every traveler must check off their Prague nightlife bucket list.

The first thing everyone notices when approaching the three-floor warehouse is the steampunk design. Recycled metal art and tribal carvings decorate the exterior and interior of the dark club. This and the futuristic green and red lighting will be enough to trick you into thinking you’ve entered a parallel cyberpunk universe.

As its name suggests, Cross Club is a magnet for all types of music genres, especially EDM and Dubstep. If you’re not feeling what the DJ is spinning in one room, you can always wander upstairs or downstairs to explore other options. No matter where you are in the club’s labyrinth-like space, the vibrations coming off the sound systems will manage to pull you back onto the dance floor.

Note: Usually there’s no cover charge during the week, but expect to pay for admission on Friday and Saturday nights.

Address: Plynární 1096/23, Holešovice

Best EDM Club in Prague – Roxy


Located on Dlouha Street in Old Town, Roxy is one of the oldest and the best clubs in Prague. Despite looking like a bar from the outside, it feels like a spacious industrial warehouse on the inside. This and the fact that the venue hosts some of the most popular DJ names in EDM may be why it’s so well-known among local and international crowds.

Depending on the night, you can also find other styles of dance music here, everything from house to techno, to drum and bass. If you’re open to new experiences, take a gamble and show up, or you can check out their DJ schedule online.

Tip: There may be an entrance fee, and usually is on the weekends, so remember to bring cash.

Address: Dlouhá 33, Stare Město (Old Town)

Best Pop Dance Club/Music Venue in Prague – Lucerna Music Bar

the best of Prague's nightlife - Lucerna Music Bar

Located in Wenceslas Square, Lucerna is an underground club and live music venue. During the week, it hosts popular musical artists from both the Czech Republic and around the world. The genres range from electronic to indie and rock music. On the weekends, it transforms into a nightclub.

Head over there on a Friday or Saturday night and you can dance the night away to iconic hits from the 80s and 90s. Music video clips are projected onto the massive screen in the backdrop of the dance floor.

Note: There is a 100 crown cover charge on weekend nights.

Address: Vodičkova 36, Nové Město (New Town)

Dance Club – Duplex

We aren’t going to call this one of the best clubs in Prague, but we do realize some people enjoy Duplex for its rooftop terrace overlooking Wenceslas Square and its large dance floor. The sound in Duplex is pretty great, and you can certainly spend a fun night dancing here. Prices are pretty reasonable as well.

However, far too many reports of rude staff and scamming bartenders exist for us to happily recommend this place. Watch your wallet if you decide to party here.

Address – Václavské  831/21,  Prague 1

The Best Rock Club in Prague- Palac Akropolis

the best of prague's night lifer, off the beaten path in prague

Palac Akropolis really has it all. By day, it’s a casual spot to have a good lunch or dinner. At night, it’s one of the best local clubs in Prague. [Note – the restaurant is closed for the time being for renovations.]

Located in the heart of the Žižkov neighborhood, this iconic art-nouveau building houses a restaurant, a café, two bars, and a concert venue. The venue has hosted incredibly famous bands like The Strokes, Dead Kennedys, and the Pixies.

The club area is divided into rooms with bars; you can wander through them to find live DJs spinning various types of music, everything from electronic music to drum and bass.

Whether you want to see a rock show or need an after-hours spot to head to after the other bars close, Akropolis should be at the top of your list.

Address: Kubelíkova 1548/27, Žižkov

Best Drum and Bass Club – Storm Club

best clubs in prague - prague nightlife

Looking for a drum and bass rave? Look no further.

One of the best clubs in Prague, Storm Club is at the center of the drum and bass scene. Like the other clubs on the list, it hosts DJs from every corner of the globe. Storm Club also has a spacious dance floor and offers attractively priced drinks, so you don’t have to break the bank while partying until the early morning.

The people who run Storm Club also run the Let it Roll Festival in August (and the smaller winter version as well), which is the biggest drum and bass festival in Czechia. If you’re not too drained you can head back to Storm Club where they host the festival’s pre-party AND after-party.

If you love Drum and Bass, as Michael does, this is absolutely one of the best clubs in Prague. Check it out!

Address: Tachovské nám. 290/5, Žižkov

Best Dance Clubs in Prague – Chapeau Rouge

the best of prague nightlife

When in the center of Prague start or end the night with a beer or mixed drinks at Chapeau Rouge which a famous (in Prague) three floored bar/club/underground music venue right near Old Town Square.

Dating back to 1919 Chapeau Rouge has been serving up entertainment for almost a hundred years.  You can find anything from modern pop, to house music, to hardcore underground performances in this centrally located bar/club.  Due to the underground location of the dance floors Chapeau is not limited to playing time, so DJ shows end up going till the wee morning hours.

Drinks are pretty good for their price and the beer is reasonably well poured and reasonably priced, so a night out at Chapeau Rouge won’t break the bank. Recommended for groups, parties, and people who don’t know exactly what sort of music they want to listen to but are willing to let the night carry them away.

Address –  Jakubská 2,  Staré Město, Prague 1

Best Latino Music Dance Club – La Macumba Music Latino Bar

Get your Latino dance groove on at La Macumba, which is pretty much the best Latin music club you will find in Prague. Various DJs play all sorts of Latin music throughout the week and into the weekend. The club also offers Salsa lessons if you want to step up your dance floor moves.

If you are looking for Latino music in Prague this is pretty much your best bet!

Address: Štefánikova 230/7, Anděl, Prague 5

Note – Some people might ask us why Karlovy Lazne, one of the largest clubs in Prague isn’t on this list. Well, that’s because we don’t like it. Sure it has 5 floors offering all sorts of music, but we find this place to be overpriced, filled with a$$holes, and dirty to boot. You can do better, trust us.

Prague Nightlife Wrap-Up

And there you have it guys, our guide to the best bars and the best clubs in Prague. We hope you have the time of your life exploring all that the Prague nightlife scene has to offer. Be sure to also check some of our other articles on Prague, including the best hostels in Prague for those of you on a budget!

As always, happy travels, and we’ll see you guys on the road!

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