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There are many “free” walking tours in Prague. But which one is the best fit for you? 

Prague has an unorthodox layout, which makes navigating even with a GPS on your phone difficult. If you are used to relying on your phone to guide you this can and will distract you from truly experiencing the beautiful sights the city has to offer.

Prague is the quintessential example of a ‘look up and around’ city. Ergo, a free walking tour of Prague which will explain the city’s history is not only informative but beneficial for newcomers finding their way around.

Choosing one of our suggested cheap or free walking tours in Prague will also help you meet fellow travelers looking to save and learn about the rich history that surrounds them. The city in and of itself is a museum but finding the right guide is always important.

By the way, please don’t forget to tip your guide! A “free” walking tour in Prague might not cost anything up front. However, it is customary to tip your guides. If you enjoy the tour give them 5 – 10 Euro minimum. It’s the right thing to do!

Best Free Walking Tours in Prague

when to visit prague and the czech republic - spring in prague

Free walking tours in Prague abound, so choosing the best ones can be tricky! Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. If you want to see the best sites in Prague including Old Town, the Jewish Quarter, the Dancing House, and New Town there is a tour for you. You can even take on in Spanish!

Here are the absolute best free walking tours in Prague!

Please note – Some of our selections contain affiliate links. These allow us to earn a small percentage every time you make a booking. Using our links enables us to provide all the information found on this site free of charge.

Free 3 Hour Walking Tour of Prague

Old Town Square, Prague

Starting off our list of the best free walking tours in Prague is a tour provided by SANDEMAN’s, a company easy to spot due to their red shirts and red umbrellas! Their guide lasts approximately 3 hours, showing you important spots across the city such as Old Town Square, and ending at Jan Palach’s Square.

Quality free walking tours in Prague aren’t bountiful, so calling ahead and securing them is a good idea!

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Prague’s Old Town, New Town, and Jewish Quarter

Prague Jewish Quarter synagogues

“Royal Walk” Tours distinguishes itself with its fashion as well, just look for radiant yellow shirts.

This tour, like many free walking tours in Prague, starts at Old Town Square (Celetná 12) and leaves hourly between 10-14. The tour is short but it will focus on the most historic aspects of the city.

Like most free tours, if you enjoy your experience feel free to leave a compliment or a tip!

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2.5-hour walk in the historical and artistic New Town of Prague 

Places to see in Prague - Dancing House, Prague

With a meeting point at the top of Wenceslas Square under the “horse”, you’ll quickly feel oriented in Prague taking a tour with this aptly named company (Free Walking Tour Prague).

This tour provides a good mix of old and new, passing through Old Town Square yet also showing off Prague’s most renowned work of modern architecture, the Dancing House perched above Náplavka.

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Free Tour the Life in Praga

Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock Old Town Hall Tower, Prague

Not all tourists who visit Prague speak English, sabemos. This free walking tour of Prague is offered in Spanish!

Vive Praga Tours aka VIP tours can accommodate your needs if English is not your strongest language. These guides will show you the city en Español, entertain you with stories of history, and explain any general questions you may have.

All free walking tours in Prague are worthwhile, but having a guide speaking your language will give a more complete sense of the history.

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Best Cheap Walking Tours in Prague

when to visit prague and the czech republic - spring in prague

If you’re willing to fork over a meager €10.00 or €20.00 you can have your choice of a lot of great walking tours in Prague. We’ve chosen the cream of the crop including walking tours of Prague Castle, Old Town, and the Medieval Underground & Dungeons. You can even do a walking tour based on your interests. History buff? Ghost lover? Beer enthusiast? There’s a tour for you! 

Here are the absolute best cheap walking tours in Prague! 

Prague Castle & Castle District: 2-Hour Guided Tour

the coolest Castles in Prague - Prague Castle

Finding a tour for a specific part of the city that you may have previously stumbled upon but wish to learn more about is always an option.

This tour gives you an in-depth look at the iconic Prague Castle and the surrounding area referred to as Malá Strana in Czech or The Lesser Quarters in English. There’s nothing lesser about it though. This area is a must-see for tourists visiting Prague and having a guide alongside means you are sure to walk away feeling one with the surrounding history.

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Prague: Czech Beer Culture Tasting Tour

best places to drink delicious beer in Prague

Beer and the Czech Republic have a storied past. The popular brew-type Pilsner received its name from the town of its origin, Plzeň, where it is still brewed today! (If you’re visiting Prague in October consider visiting the brewery for the annual Pilsner Fest).

A free walking tour of Prague can get tiresome, so for some, having a guide show you the best brews the country has on tap is more their style. Beer is included in the cost of the tour, automatically making it one of the best tours in Prague. For a price, a connoisseur will show you how to drink beer the Czech way in classic Czech pubs. Na zdraví!

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Prague: World War II and Communist History Tour

Memorial to the Victims of Communism in Mala Strana Prague

Due to its central location in Europe, Prague was not immune to the tragedies of World War II and the years that followed Soviet control. However, it was mostly spared from heavy destruction, with some scars still visible.

If you’re a history buff, this is the tour for you. Free walking tours in Prague will show you tourist hot spots but a tour such as this one will give you an appreciation for the struggles of the Czech people and deliver a greater understanding of the more recent history of Prague and the Czech Republic more generally.

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Prague: Old Town Medieval Underground & Dungeons Tour

Shorter than most tours, this one-hour tour will show you Prague’s underground, focusing on the medieval past of the city.

On a hot summer’s day there’s no better place to cool yourself off than below the streets. Get away from the sun and explore a centuries-old dungeon. Booking a tour is the only way to see most parts of the dungeon so don’t miss out on this unique experience! There is no free tour of Prague which can show you this area of the city, so don’t hesitate to spend a little for a tour like this one if it piques your interest!

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Prague: Ghosts and Legends 1.5-Hour Walking Tour

How to spend a weekend in prague - charles bridge at night

Prague is certainly home to a plethora of legends but did you know there are claims that ghosts walk…er float through the streets as well?

Offered in multiple languages, this nighttime tour focuses on age-old tales of the occult and paranormal activities of yesteryear. If being spooked isn’t your idea of fun I would suggest sticking to a walking tour of Prague in the daylight.

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Prague Old Town and Jewish Quarter: 2.5-Hour Walking Tour

Prague Jewish Quarter

You’re certain to walk through Old Town and the Jewish Quarter during your visit to Prague. Without a tour, however, you’re likely to leave without truly comprehending the plight of the Czech Jewish population, which was decimated during World War II.

On this tour, you’ll learn more about the world’s oldest continuously used synagogue. You will also visit the Jewish Cemetery, where thousands of gravestones mark previous members of the local community. The oldest grave is nearly 600 years old!

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Panoramic Views of Prague Evening Walking Tour

best place in prague for beer - Naplavka

Prague is a photographer’s dream city. In the evening, the city is tastefully lit up by street lights, shop windows and, tourist’s cameras flashing. The Castle is also illuminated, making it visible throughout the city.

On this Prague tour you’re sure to see the already beautiful monuments and buildings of the city under a different light, one which highlights Prague’s iconic Gothic style with dramatic shadows on every block.

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Prague: 3-Hour Alternative Walking Tour

vnitroblock prague czech republic
PC: Vojtěch Tesárek

Prague is not simply just a city of old monuments and legends; it has a teeming artistic scene and a diverse cultural underground.

This tour will help you understand why so many artists see Prague as a muse for their artistic energies and end up returning after their first visit. Prague is also an inclusive and accepting city, full of people of all backgrounds. You’ll be sure to meet like-minded people, receive quality suggestions for less-touristy spots to seek refuge, and see the new side of Prague.

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Ask Your Prague Tour Guide Questions!

Don’t forget, your guides know more than just when the astrological clock was constructed, or which path takes you right to Charles Bridge (it’s Karlova Street by the way). Your guide lives in Prague! If you have questions about the city make sure you ask! How does public transportation work? Where are fair places to exchange your foreign currency to Koruna? Which cafes are the best for coffee?  Be sure to ask!

There is a particular joy that comes with being lost abroad. Exploring back streets and finding out what the next corner may hold is awesome. However, after even just ONE free tour of Prague you will feel more comfortable navigating around. Find your next pivo with ease once you learn the layout of this gorgeous city. 

And there you have it folks, the best free walking tours in Prague. We hope we helped you pick one. Enjoy Prague, and feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions! Happy travels all!

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