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If you are a outdoors loving visitor or an expat you might be wondering how to explore various hiking options in and near Prague. We certainly were, so we put together a list of fantastic hikes within 45 minutes of travel time from Prague’s center. 

Czech Republic: Land of golden hued brews, defenestrations, and world-renowned architecture. But there is more to do in Czechia and in Prague than enjoying beer, learning about the country’s history and marveling at stunning spire adorned buildings and monuments. Hiking in the Czech Republic is an absolute must-do when you are visiting Czechia.

Hiking in Prague and beyond reveals the beauty and tranquility of Czech wilderness as well as various geologic phenomena that came to be through volcanic masses forming into stunning rock formations, such as the ones in Bohemian Switzerland National Park. These impressive formations are an aspect of the country that remains unexplored way too often.

If you don’t have time to take the two hour trip up north, however, there are countless places you can turn to for a phenomenal hiking experience in and close to the capital. Hiking is somewhat of a national sport and Czechs are proud of their phenomenally well marked trail system. Ergo, you should not miss out on hiking in the Czech Republic during your stay.

We set out to find the best trails for hiking in Prague and beyond that are easy to access so you can plan your hiking adventures in the Czech Republic. We have included links to handy little hiking maps to help you organize and plan your route.

Happy hiking!!

The Best Hikes in or Near Prague

Vinoř to Castle Jenštejn

Vinor Rock formation - hiking near Prague

This absolute gem of a hike in the northeast of Prague will cast you in its spell from the very first step. Vinořsky Park is a nature reserve built around a protected area for pheasants. We quickly conclude that some spark of magic must be dwelling within this thick verdant chestnut forest. Passing by the three national oak trees and a wheat field, we wander further into Vinoř’s wonderland.

The rocks catch us by surprise with their absolute beauty. Moss and fern, even trees sprouting from the cracks between the layered sandstone rocks that used to lead the way up to Vinoř’s castle. Woodpeckers peck against the trees above us and we are led into a maze of beautiful rock caves, ivy kissed sandstone pillars and a pond that is very alive. Almost every 5 seconds, a carp jumps out of the water, pointing us into the direction of Jenštejn castle.

Following the green hiking trail, we are led through the charming village and pass a former sugar refinery along with blooming gardens with their very own rock formations. About 2.5 hours into our hike, we arrive in Jenštejn and follow the green marker to the ruins of the 14th century castle just out of Prague 19.

This is a leisurely, 2.5 hours long hike that showcases the mesmerizing rock formations that Czech Republic is so well-known for. On your way to the castle ruin by the Jenštejn river, lots of flora and fauna, such as carps, woodpeckers and chestnut trees – which must have witnessed a big portion of Czechia’s history – cross our way. If you don’t have much time to discover the countryside of Czech Republic, this hike will give you all the thrills a Czech rock formation up in the north could.

Hiking in Prague – How to get to Vinořsky Park and Jenštejn:

Simply hop on the yellow metro line and get off at ‘Rajska zahrada’. Transfer to bus number 201 and get off at ‘Satalice’. From here, follow the main street ’Vinořsky’ into the forest and keep to the green hiking trail all the way to the castle.

Hiking Map

Hiking in Prague – Prokopské údolí & Dalejsky Profil

Prokopske Udoli Lake

If you are visiting the city of a hundred spires and are a keen hiker, Prokopské údolí belongs on your to-hike list. The nature reserve, located just 30 minutes away from the city center, offers a lake, gorgeous views and many rock formations to marvel at. This is the optimal hike in Prague if you want to get to know the geological specificities of the country – such as fossils as well as lime and sandstone columns – and don’t miss out on the picturesque views.

If you want to extend your hiking-in-Prague adventure, keep on following the green trail all the way to Dalejsky profil. You will not only discover beautiful forests and streams under way, but also get an unbeatable view of Prokopské údolí’s rocks.

While walking all the way to Řeporyje, we encounter a massive, orange rock that used to house the waters of Mušlovka quarry. To finish our Czech hiking experience, we stop by the Řeporyje brewery with an adjacent restaurant and outside seating. Na zdravi!

How to get to Prokopské údolí

To get to your starting point in Hlubočepy, we recommend getting the tram number 5 to ‘Na Knížecí’ and then change for bus number 120 to Nádraží Hlubočepy. From here, follow the green hiking trail all the way to ‘Řeporyje’.

Hiking Map

Hiking in Prague – Obora Hvězda & Břevnov Monastery

Obora Hvezda Hvezda, the best hiking in Prague

Looking to combine sightseeing and hiking in the Czech Republic? The former summer palace and game reserve of Ferdinand I in Obora Hvězda makes for a perfect escape, then. The park was once built as a reserve for pheasants and is home to the hexagonal Hvězda building, which is also the centerpiece of the area. Tucked away behind a beautiful forest of birches and oaks, you’ll get to marvel at the hunting residence of former King Ferdinand I and discover faces that have been carved into stone on your way. Many visitors of the park don’t care to see what’s lingering behind the building – and miss out on Obora Hvězda’s caves and water tower when hiking in Prague.

We extend our city hike by another hour to walk through the green forest to Břevnov Monastery. As we approach the monastery, founded in 993 AD, through its park full of ponds and chirping birds, we become aware of a thirst, which can only be clenched by a lovingly brewed, freshly draft beer. After all, we’re Czech Republic and not ending our hike with a cold pint somehow seems wrong.

Lucky us, for we have stumbled upon the monastery that brews Benedict beer. Sitting down in their monastery garden, we get to clench our thirst with a cold 11°. Once you’re there, why not visit the widespread complex and brewery, too?

How to get to Obora Hvězda

This hike is easily accessible by tram number 1 (or by the green metro line) and will take you roughly 2 hours. Simply hop off at ‘Sídliště Petřiny’ (or if travelling by metro ‘Petřiny’) and dive into the thick green right next to the tram stop. To get to the caves and the water tower, simply follow one of the (unmarked) trails leading to the summer palace and follow the path to the left of the building into the forest.

Hiking Map

Hiking near Prague – Karlštejn Castle & Český kras

day trips from prague - karlstejn caste

Karlštejn is one of the most beautiful castles in proximity to the city. While it is accessible by a simple train ride and a short walk through the town, hikers can extend their radius to get to marvel at Bubovice waterfalls, the beauty of Český kras and meander along the Berounka river all the way to Srbsko, a charming little town near Karlštejn. You will encounter quarries and be able to gorge yourself on picturesque views when standing on one of the area’s rock formations.

This hike is optimal for an afternoon outside the city. On our way, we discover hidden caves, rock formations and local fauna and flora. A magnificent hiking experience for those who want to combine sightseeing with some physical activity. Please note that this hike is going to take you roughly 5 hours. If you want to do a smaller loop, simply opt out for the walk to the Velká Amerika quarry (https://www.justapack.com/day-trips-from-prague/). You may also extend your hike all the way to Beroun, which will add about 1.5 hours to your hiking clock.

Hiking Near Prague – How to get to Karlštejn

To get to your starting point in Karlštejn, all you need to do is hop on a train going directly from Prague’s main train station to Karlštejn. Follow the yellow trail sign up to the castle and from there stick to the green hiking path, leading you through the forest and into Srbsko. From here, simply jump on a train going back to Prague to end your hike (or continue to Beroun and catch a train back from there).

Hiking Map

Hiking Near Prague – Štěchovice

the best hikes in or near Prague

Done with hiking in Prague? Have some more time in the city but long to be out in the wild? Štěchovice is the perfect place for you to explore, then. The beautiful hiking path along the Vltava river, which leads to Štěchovice’s island, makes for a perfect adventure outside the city.

The river gorge follows our every step – uphill and down again – until we end up in a wonderland full of Melampyrum flowers as well as green and yellow salamanders. The island halfway through our hike provides lots of shade, a fire pit and a beautiful shore. On an especially hot day, why not take a dip and then relax under one of the massive pine trees on the island?

After a break by the ‘Czech sea’, with a view of the gorge towering over the horseshoe bend river, we get to discover Štěchovice’s rock formation which – with a little imagination – could be a castle that has been carved into a rock.

As we exit the formation overlooking the river through a tunnel, we are spat out into the greenest of greens and meander along the river, up to Trebenice’s dam. We climb the last 100 stairs leading up to the village. The small restaurant waiting next to the bus stop will provide you with an ice-cold beer while you wait for the bus back to Prague and also sells wooden ‘Turisticke znamky’ (hiking badges) that make for a perfect souvenir.

Hiking Near Prague – How to get to Štěchovice From Prague

the best hikes in or near Prague

To get to this close-by wonderland, simply hop on bus number 390, 360 or 365 to ‘Štěchovice’ and follow the green hiking trail from the bus stop. This hike can also be done the other way around. To do so, take bus number 390 to ‘Trebenice’ and catch a bus back from ‘Štěchovice’.

Hiking Map

Brdy Mountains Day Hike – 14km Loop

people and a dog walking along a trail in the Brdy mountains near prague

Hike through a forest, attain a few sweet scenic points, and even do a little bouldering. This trail has it all. 

The initial assent takes you some 550 meters up, where you will have a commanding view of the valley and nearby “peaks”. The Brdy Mountains can’t really be called mountains, they are hills than anything else, but we won’t quibble over semantics. On a nice clear day you can see as far as the TV Tower in Zizkov from the first stop in this hike (refer to our map link below). 

Continue along the blue and white trail markers and you will eventually reach a quaint monastery overlooking the town of Mnisek pod Brdy. The grassy lawns here make for a great picnic location, so we highly recommend you pack something and have a bit of a break here. 

The rest of the hike is a leisurely and gradual decent via back country road and hiking trail. Finish the loop and end right back where you started in Revnice. Celebrate your day with some local brews at the Revnice Brewery, located just a few steps from the train station. 

How to get to the Brdy Mountains from Prague

Simply take a 35 minute train ride from Prague to the town of Revnice. Follow the blue and white trail blazers out of town and onto the trail. 

Hiking Map

Hiking Near Prague – Sázava Pacific

Sazava Pacific, best hikes near Prague

Longing for a little island feeling in landlocked bohemia? Keen on hiking near Prague? A pleasant hike through Sázava Pacific – named the same because of its scenic trail along the Sázava river – is just what the doctor ordered, then.

Dive into the geological and cultural heritage of Czech Republic and get to explore wooden cottages as old as time itself. The dramatic overhangs of Sázava’s river gorge are stunning. And of course, the picturesque view over the area isn’t far up the hill.

Czechs love getting out of the city whenever they get the chance to. That is also why many of them own cottages in beautiful places like the Sázava Pacific. Wooden boats, rural cottages with peaked roofs and the river meandering at our feet… It’s easy to forget the city is in striking distance when being out here.

Upon our arrival in the charming little village Kamenny Privoz, we get a taste of how much locals here love gardening. Blooming gardens, cherry trees with big, juicy fruit hanging from them… They make the uphill climb to the train station go by quickly and effortlessly. It seems fitting that a pub is standing right next to the train station. Missed your train? Why not sit down for a pint while you wait for the next one, then? Czechs love their after-hike beer and thus, pubs or restaurants are usually strategically placed at the end of a hiking trail.

How to get to the Sázava Pacific From Prague

To get to this beautiful spring and autumn foliage walk, simply hop on the train from ‘Prague Kačerov’ to ‘Petrov u Prahy’. There is also a bus going from ‘Smíchovské nádraží’ to ‘Hradištko, Pikovice, Most’. Your trail (look out for red markers) starts right off the tracks next to the Sázava river. To get back to Prague, you can either climb up to the train station or look out for the bus stop right after the bridge of Kamenny Privoz.

Hiking Map

Hiking Near Prague – Castle Okoř

castle okor czech republic

Can’t get enough of Czech Republic’s castles but don’t want to miss out on hiking near Prague? Here comes one of the coolest ruins of the country, which is accessible by a scenic hike from Suchdol Valley to Castle Okoř.

The easy, 2 to 3 hours long hike leads us through Suchdol’s forest, passing by ponds, mills and the ‘Holy Gorge’ up in Suchdol valley. Walking through the gorge, we pass fields, cute little Czech towns and eventually see the viaduct of Okoř looming in the distance. Marching around the castle’s very own pond, we arrive at our destination about 2.5 hours after setting out.

The castle ruins show a slight resemblance to Edinburgh’s Castle – even though they are not even half as big. The ruin is accessible for $ 3.00 and well worth strolling through. The once medieval fort, built in 1228, was later turned into a gothic castle, demolished in the Thirty Years War and abandoned from the 18th century on. The viaduct bridge in the distance is especially eye-catching when hiking near Prague in autumn.

How to get to Castle Okoř From Prague

To get to your starting point in Suchdol, simply hop on bus number 107 from ‘Dejvicka’ to ‘Suchdol’. From here, follow the green hiking trail through forest and fields to Unetice, Černý Vůl and Okoř. If you are short on time but still want to visit the ruin, there is a direct bus going from Dejvicka (number 350).

Hiking Map

Hiking Near Prague – Konopiště Castle

Konopiste Rose Garden

We land in Benešov u Prahy around noon and make our way to the wide-spreading area of Konopiště’s nature park. It’s an easy 30-minute walk to the park and yet we feel like we’ve entered a different dimension.

A beautiful forest welcomes us to Benešov’s beauty and bloom. Passing by the chapel of Marie Lurdske, we quickly get to the main sight of the castle park: Konopiště Castle, built in the 13th century.

The view from the towers over the pond right out front the castle is just magnificent and as we descend from the pearly white building, we spy a garden that seems to be straight out of Alice in Wonderland. It’s Konopiště’s rose garden, which houses a cute little café that’s inviting us to relax and take the area in for a while.

Completing the loop around the pond, we exit the park with a marvelous sight: Neptune and Triton’s fountain. You can make this hike very short (about 7 km) or a bit longer (12 km) by following either the green or white markers around the park.

How to get to Benešov From Prague

Getting to Konopiště Castle is exceptionally facile. Simply hop on a train from Prague’s main train station to ‘Benešov U Prahy’ – which will take you about 40 minutes – and follow the street ‘Konopista’. It will lead you directly to the entrance of the park.

Hiking Map

What to Know Before You Go

The hiking trails in Czech Republic are exceptionally well-marked, which makes navigating when hiking in Czech Republic exceptionally easy. When hiking in the Czech Republic make sure you stay on the trails in order to not get lost and damage protected areas. By intruding, you could invade the living space of rare flora and/or fauna, causing them to decrease in numbers. For the exact same reason, make sure you make use of the many trash bins along the way to dispose your litter. Nature thanks you!

Even though some of these hiking trails are in the city, you should be wearing a good pair of hiking boots (or boots with a good tread) when hiking in the Czech Republic. Though the trails are well-maintained, you might encounter gravelly, steep spots where normal trainers offer you no foothold. Most importantly: Pack enough water, especially when going in summer, as the forests in the country tend to get quite humid. Happy hiking in the Czech Republic!

If you are up for more hiking in the Czech Republic and got some more time on your hands, you should definitely check out some locations further away from Prague.

More Excellent Hiking in the Czech Republic –

  • Hrubá Skála
  • Český ráj
  • Prachovské skály
  • Křivoklát
  • Czech Middle Mountains: Milešovská and Lovoš

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