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Prague is home to many awesome food and farmer’s markets. 

Are you a foodie visiting Prague? If so, you’re in luck! Once predominantly known for its meat and cream-heavy dishes, Prague’s food scene has become a poly-chromatic mosaic of different cuisines for vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers alike.

Prague’s farmers and food market scene, and its evolving culinary landscape, are ripe to be explored by your taste buds. 

Let’s say you’ve already hit up a bunch of the best restaurants in Prague. What’s a hungry foodie to do? Glad you asked!

The Best Food and Farmers Markets in Prague

One of the best ways to get acquainted with the many flavors of Prague is via its farmers and food markets. These open-air markets are growing increasingly popular over the last few years. The scene is especially popping in the warmer months of the year when the entire city seems packed with food markets, farmer’s markets, and special ethnic food market events.

Below is our gourmet Prague market guide, including the most delicious eats you can find at each. We hope this tasty little guide helps you guys explore the best culinary treats Prague’s food and farmers markets have to offer!

Manifesto Market Florenc

 Manifesto Market AlexandraSiebenthal WEB 3075
PC: Alexandra Siebenthal

Manifesto is one of the newest members of the many food markets in Prague. This food market transferred an abandoned lot in Florenc to a vibrant gourmet land with a rooftop area in summer and heated igloos in winter. Right next to Florenc bus station, a conglomeration of cuisines from all over the world come together in one container village, giving the term ‘Prague food’ a whole new meaning.

Accompanied by live music, you get to munch on delicacies like Dirty Dog’s fantastic briskets or delicious Japanese Chicken Skewers from Chu Yakitori. Our favorite treat from the food market in Florenc? The Biryani – both the pescatarian and vegetarian version – from ‘Nebu’.

Manifesto also hosts a bunch of vegetarian and vegan options! Be sure to indulge in the Lasagna from Vege Punk as well as the Poké Bowls from PokéHouse. Manifesto is the perfect Prague food experience upon your arrival – or departure.

Besides exploring the 17 different restaurants, 3 bars and 4 pop-up stands, make sure you check out the Czech design brand ‘BeWooden’ for a unique souvenir on your way out. The market is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM. Manifesto accepts card payments only, so save your cash for one of the following Prague Markets.

Jiřího z Poděbrad Farmer’s Market

Off the beaten path in Prague, Zizkov JZP Farmer's Market

The farmers market at Jiřího z Poděbrad square (or as locals call it ‘Jiřák’) is an absolute must-visit during your stay, or if you are an expat new to Prague. The popular food market in front of the modern church is on every Wednesday through Saturday from March to December. Stalls change daily, bringing varying artisan goodies – like macaroons, Belgian fries, hamburgers, vegan treats, pastries or a particularly yummy bouillabaisse from the fish stand – to you.

Between fresh pastries and flowers, you can find uber creamy organic hummus from ‘Pita Chleb’, which we vow is among the very best hummus we have ever eaten. Buy yourself some of the pita bread to go along with the hummus as well, they are both absolutely delicious. 

After hunting down your favorite treat, get cozy on one of the many benches in the square or get a coffee from nearby Mamacoffee or Bistro 8. While in the area, make sure to stop by ‘Le Caveau’ for a fluffy croissant, or Donut Shop for the best donuts in Prague, including vegan donuts!

Manifesto Market Smichov

 Manifesto Smichov 02 (c)CHYBIK+KRISTOF

Manifesto Market Smichov, the baby sister of Manifesto’s location in Florenc is no less exciting than its predecessor. Because Manifesto’s first location became so popular, new grounds were opened in the summer of 2019 in Smichov – complete with a pool and deck chairs to lounge in.

Indulge in treats like freshly prepared Poké Bowls or authentic Alebrijes from ‘Cocina Mexicana’ every Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM and experience Prague food in a totally new way. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a freshly draft beer from the shared Pilsner Urquell and Vinohradský Pivovar bar.

Our go-to dish at Smichov’s Manifesto? The vegetarian tartare made from eggplant and mushrooms, topped with chickpeas and truffle oil from Miska.

Pražská tržnice

The extensive market area of Pražská tržnice is home to the biggest indoor farmers market in Prague – Hala 22. Lesser known for its street food, but more so for its vast assortment of produce, fresh from the farms out of town, the massive farmers market sells pastries, artisan breads, and sausages (we love the deer sausage with plums from Uzeniny Království).

Make sure to check out the huge market near the Vltava river anywhere between Monday and Saturday. The Slovakian Bakery right next to the farmers market is an absolute gem and queuing for their fresh Bryndza Cheese with some of their bread is totally worth it.

Pražská tržnice is also THE place for an authentic Food Truck experience! Delicious street food awaits only a couple of doors down from Hala 22. Tacos, burgers and mouth-watering curries complete your market day in trendy Holešovice.

They offer a delicious treat for vegan foodies, too: ‘Trini Doubles’ – a luscious chickpea curry wrapped in two Puris and topped with a refreshing cucumber chutney. Be warned, however; Their stuff is highly addictive, and you’ll be back for more!

If you are not already stuffed after that, nearby SaSaZu will feed you with masterfully crafted Sushi and clench your thirst with marvelous cocktails. If you’re around in the morning, make sure to stop by nearby Barry Higgels or Alza Café for a cup of quality coffee.

You will also find ‘Mint Market’ on site, which is full of Czech designer jewelry, clothes and more – perfect to walk off the calories.

Hermanak Farmers Market

Hermanak Veg VLG
PC: Vanessa Gautschi

Organic goodies, farm fresh vegetables and eggs: Hermanak is a small farmers and food market happening every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, right off Strossmayerovo náměstí. Their mission is to distribute fresh food minus the plastic bags and containers that choke our oceans.

Of course, next to organic and zero waste products, street food is on the menu at this charming little market in Prague 7. Hermanak’s menu changes every week – we especially loved the vegetarian burger with goat cheese along with the Buchty (a yeast pastry filled with either quark or poppy seeds). Whatever the surprise food stands will cook up at this lovely food market in Prague, we have yet to be disappointed.

Dejvice Farmers Market

Dejvice Doughnut VLG
PC: Vanessa Gautschi

Over 50 vendors, eight different cuisines and countless wines to wash it all down! Dejvice Farmers Market is probably the most sought-after food market in Prague. Every Saturday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM farmers, bakers, chefs and winemakers from all over the Republic venture to Kulat’ák Square in Dejvice to bring the very best produce and dishes to you.

Aside from Czech classics like Palačinky (crepes), Dejvice opens the culinary door to other interesting dishes like Hungarian Goulash, Croatian Fish, and even Macedonian specialties like Ajvar or Lutenica!

Make sure to indulge in the irresistible pastry masterpieces of ‘Ten Štrúdl’; our personal guilty pleasure is their finger-licking good donuts topped with cream cheese and chocolate. They also take a Czech classic, the strudel, to the next level: spinach and cheese, mandarin and quark and many more flavors await.

Just two stalls down, cheese lovers will find what they seek at ‘Raclette U Syraku’. Munch a grilled cheese sandwich before moving on to the ‘Rybář’, where fresh oysters, salmon and trout are ready to be enjoyed. Complete your food binge with a cookie from ‘RAW’ or ‘Perničky’ and warm up in the central tent with a beer and live music. Dejvice is hands down one of our favorite food markets in Prague.

the best food markets in Prague

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays you simply MUST visit the Prague Jerk Station stand and try a portion of ‘Jerk chicken’ – a Jamaican style chopped chicken breast slowly braised for a full 24 hours. This delicious dish comes with a side of aromatic rice garnished with some goat curry and finely chopped hot peppers. Some days, if you are lucky and the chefs are feeling cheeky, you might even find some mango or watermelon on top of your chicken.

Official hours for Jiřák’s market are every Wednesday through Friday, 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM until 2:00 PM, but we suggest going early as most stalls close well before these hours.

Manifesto Winter Market

00 Manifesto Winter Market c Everbay IMG 3055 pano crop v1.0 4000 2
PC: ©Everbay

Because the street food market got so popular, Manifesto’s team came up with a special gift for fans of the holiday season: a hip counter piece to the classic Prague Christmas markets!

Throughout the bristling winter months, warm up at Manifesto’s winter market and explore artisanal goods and handmade designer pieces to bring home to your loved ones. Roast marshmallows or sausages over the open fire while sipping hot wine, punch, or a hot chocolate and have a jolly good time.

Heated igloos and a hot DJ set will keep you warm and make your visit in wintery Prague something special! Manifesto’s winter experience is open from November 22 until December 23rd. Don’t forget to leave your cash at home and instead pack the bank card – Manifesto is a cashless area.

Little Hanoi / Sapa Market


YouTube video

In the southern outskirts of Prague lies Little Hanoi, a mecca for anyone who is hungry for a little taste of Vietnam. The roots of authentic Vietnamese food in the Czech Republic trace back to the years of Communism, when many Vietnamese people set out to the Czech Republic to study or work in machine-building and textile factories.

The rather intimidating ‘border checkpoint’ of Sapa marks the entrance to this otherworldly experience. Next to Vietnamese coffee – traditionally made with condensed milk and dark roast coffee beans – foodies on the search for the best Pho in Prague will find what they seek and more at ‘Chuyên Phở’.

As you wander through the extensive area, be sure to try some Bún Cá (a fish broth with bun noodles and fish patties) at ‘Hai Phong’. In the Southern part of the market area don’t miss out on paying ‘Pho Nam Dinh’ a visit to get some Banh Coun – steamed rice pancakes made with minced meat and a Jew’s ear mushrooms that have been soaked in fish sauce.

When bellies are filled, make sure to check out the plentiful little shops in Little Hanoi – where you can find cool gadgets like professional kitchen knives, revitalizing teas, or traditional spices. Before leaving, load up on seaweed chips for the trip back to the center.

Art & Food Zoona

Feast where artists exhibit! On the Troja riverbank in the northern part of Prague, a new, trendy seasonal foodie hotspot emerged in 2017: Art & Food Zoona.

This food market next to Troja Chateau makes for a perfect spot to venture out to on a sunny Saturday or Sunday, marvel at local art and give your taste buds something to remember. Of course, you can’t miss out on an authentic juicy burger from Kaiser Franz or cheesy pasta from BarBar cat and CheesePoint.

If you fancy a caffeine-loaded drink, you should pay Vice Barista Champion Petr Hubl a visit and pair the coffee with some ice cream rolls from ‘EasyRolls’.

Vendors change throughout the season so don’t be surprised if you discover something new when you visit. The market is open every weekend from May until the end of September.

Naplavka Farmers Market

Naplavka VLG
PC: Vanessa Gautschi

On the embankment of the Vltava river, one of Prague’s most well-known food markets happens every Saturday from March through December. Whether you are looking for authentic Swiss cheese or a kick-ass Balkan burger, Naplavka offers a vast assortment of dishes, cuisines and artisan goods to discover. Next to fresh vegetables, handcrafted goods like goat’s milk soaps and camel hair gloves from nearby farms are distributed.

Make sure to try the Raclette from the ‘Swiss Cheese’ team, which brought the very best sorts from the Swiss Alps to the Czech capital. Melting the cheesy goodness right in its rind, this Swiss delicacy will warm you up.

The embankment offers plenty of space to sit and enjoy on your bounty while marveling at the beauty of the city and in summer, the plentiful ship bars are open for business and will happily pour you a fresh beer or mix up a cocktail to go with your food. Accompanied by live music, Naplavka makes for the perfect hang out spot on Saturdays.

Make sure to set out early for this one, as it gets crowded quickly. Thus, get up and go, let a cup of Birdsong’s coffee wake you up and dive into foodie heaven!

Zbraslav ‘Jarmark’

If you’d like to get out of the busy city center and enjoy delicacies at a slower pace, why not pay the ‘Jarmark’ in Zbraslav a visit?

A 10-minute bus ride (your Prague public transit ticket covers the fare) from the city center will drop you off at the main square in Zbraslav. The small square turns into a wonderland of fresh produce, luxurious desserts, and homemade cider every Saturday between 8:30 AM and 12:30 PM.

It’s not only Czech classics that you will find at the ‘food fair’, though. Zbraslav’s food market also offers Uzbek goodies like manty (rice dumplings filled with meat) or Macedonian specialties like burek, as well as grilled salmon. A perfect Saturday adventure for foodies in Prague!

Annual Food Markets in Prague

veggie naplavka prague

Of course, Prague as a foodie city hosts countless food markets and festivals throughout the year. One of our favorite Prague Markets is ‘Merkado’. Cuban sandwiches, pisco sours and authentic ceviche await at the annual food festival that honors Latin American cuisine and spirit in May.

If you’re vegan keep an eye out for Veggie Naplavka which has vegan food festivals several times a year. Vegan food, clothing, houseware, and zero-waste stalls can be perused here. They even have a vegan Christmas market!

Visitors with a sweet tooth should check out the Ice Cream Festival on the exhibition grounds in Holesovice. Be it gelato, sorbet, vegan, or shaved ice; this is the place where ice cream lovers can get their fix.

And if you just can’t get enough of food festivals, make sure to check out Cross Club or Vnitroblock in Prague 7 – both places organize lovely food festivals throughout the year.

Food Market & Cooking Tour in Prague

food tour cooking class prague

If you are keen to learn how to cook Czech food and see Prague’s farmers markets, you should give this tour a try. During this three hour cooking class you’ll learn to make traditional dishes like goulash, dumplings, strudel, and more. You can even opt to visit a local market with this tour for an insider look with your local guide.

Whether you like it hearty, light, meaty, or vegetarian: Prague is full of goodies to discover and fall in love with. So, for your next visit, plan a trip to one of these spectacular food markets in Prague. Dobrou chut’!

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Prague food and farmers markets abound! There are loads of farmers markets and food markets in Prague where you can get a glimpse of the local food scene. Here is our guide to getting your foodie fix at Prague's markets!

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