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Looking for a child-friendly restaurant or pub in Prague? We got your back. 

When people think of Prague, they think of beer, nightlife, and beautiful history and architecture. While all of this is true, these aspects of the city don’t necessarily scream “child-friendly”.

Best Child Friendly Restaurants and Pubs in Prague

But Prague has many sides, and you may be surprised to know that Prague is very child-friendly. There are tons of young families living in the city, and that means there are plenty of places that accommodate young families as visitors, too.

So what are some of the best kid-friendly places in Prague? We did some exploring and came up with a comprehensive list for you! Let’s get into it. 

The Down Under

indoor play area for kids in a restaurant in Prague

This Australian-themed gastropub is the first of its kind in Prague. Located in the beautiful Vinohrady neighborhood which is one of the best places to stay in Prague, it’s easily accessible by tram from the city center. As an Aussie-themed pub, this restaurant caters mostly to English-speaking expats, tourists, and locals who want something different from the typical Czech fare.

The Down Under has a good-natured atmosphere along with a kids’ corner, so your children can play while you enjoy a meal and a game of football. The kids’ corner is complete with interactive toys, games, and a jungle gym. If your little ones get hungry, there’s also a kids’ menu. For parents needing to change or feed their babies, there are also breastfeeding and baby-changing areas available. The kids’ corner opens at 4 pm Tuesday through Friday and at 11 am on weekends.

Park R.

This kid-friendly place in Prague is located in Vrsovice near Havlickovy Sady, one of the best parks in Prague. After a day of playing at the park, take them to Park R. to enjoy a delicious meal. This restaurant serves European cuisine and also offers a kids’ menu that includes spaghetti and classic chicken nuggets. They also offer plenty of wines for adults and non-alcoholic drink options for the kids.

Park R. also provides a relaxing family-friendly atmosphere. It’s complete with cozy seating, an area for kids, and they can host birthday parties that can be set up with decorations, red carpets, and more.

Chiaki Restaurant

This Asian restaurant in Vinohrady is one of the best kid-friendly places in Prague. Known for Japanese and Korean cuisine Chiaki has an extensive kids’ menu featuring favorites such as gyoza, edama-meow, and more.

Kids love cartoons, so your little ones will also love the anime theme of this restaurant. They’ll enjoy looking at the pictures on the walls and maybe they’ll even make some of their own. The kids’ corner is complete with coloring pencils and paper and origami kits so they can try their hand at it. This restaurant is also known to be super clean with a welcoming atmosphere.

Taverna Olympos

Located in Zizkov, this Greek restaurant is family-oriented, just like Greek culture. With 103 tables, there’s plenty of room for your entire family so it’s the perfect place for a large gathering. The menu is full of authentic Greek cuisine including seafood, gyros, and grilled meat along with several sweet treats that will appeal to the kids.

Kids can play in the restaurant’s garden in the summer while their parents enjoy a glass of wine with their meal. In the winter, the kids will love sitting in the conservatory with a beautiful view of the park outside.

Amuni Slow Food Pizza

Pizza on a plate in Amuni, Prague

Amuni is the first gourmet pizza restaurant in Prague and is owned and run by a Sicilian, so you know it’s good pizza! Open daily from noon until 10pm, your kids will be delighted with the choices on this menu. With tons of pizzas, pasta, and desserts to choose from, this is every kid’s dream. If the pizza wasn’t enough to tempt the kids, they sure will love the authentic Italian gelato. Amuni offers 8 flavors.

If you’re looking to enjoy a refined Italian meal without looking after the children, send them to the kids’ corner. They’ll find a small table and chairs, dolls, and other games and toys to play with. There’s also a changing table for when you need to take care of your baby.

Pizza Nuova

This authentic Italian pizza place is located in the heart of Prague and is known as a family restaurant. In fact, it is known as some of the best pizza in Prague. Pizza is always a kid’s favorite, but parents will also appreciate the presence of a kids’ play corner so they can enjoy their meal in peace.

The play corner is complete with a small slide, a table with coloring supplies, toys, and a TV. On the weekends, there’s a babysitter in the play area so you won’t have to watch your kids from across the restaurant. The play area is carpeted and has windows with bars so your kids can get fresh air without the danger of them escaping onto the street.

Pohostinec Karlin

This upscale restaurant in the heart of Karlin is perfect for fancier dinner parties such as corporate events, graduations, and the like. The restaurant prides itself on only sourcing local ingredients, serving authentic Czech beer, and focusing on wines from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The extensive menu includes specialties like steaks, pates, tartare, and more.

The main thing that makes this one of the best kid-friendly places in Prague is the weekend family brunch. Every Saturday and Sunday starting at 11 am, Pohostinec Karlin offers a unique brunch for an all-inclusive price. Kids up to the age of 6 eat free, while kids between the ages of 6 and 12 eat for about half the price of adults. There is also a kids’ play area available if they’ve finished their meal and need to burn off some energy.

Pizzeria Bonaccia – Praha 8

Pizzeria Bonaccia is located in Karlin so it’s the perfect place to eat if you’re getting off the beaten path in Prague. Bonaccia seats up to 100 people so there’s plenty of space for you and your family while you enjoy pizza, fresh fish, and other Italian specialties. There’s also a kids’ menu featuring schnitzel, grilled chicken, and basic pasta for the little ones. The extensive dessert choices are also likely to catch your child’s eye.

In the summer, there’s also a small playground in the garden for the kids to enjoy while you indulge in a delicious meal.

Food Lab

people sitting together in a restaurant and eating

Food Lab is located in Prague’s Old Town and is popular with locals and visitors alike. In fact, they’re known to have one of the best brunches in Prague. But Food Lab also serves lunch and dinner, has a piano lounge, is freelancer-friendly, and regularly hosts events such as karaoke.

Whether you’re coming for weekend brunch, to get some work done, or for a business meeting, drop off your kids in the kids’ zone so they can occupy themselves. The kids’ zone is equipped with video games, a movie theater, a climbing wall, and other games and activities. It’s also supervised so you don’t have to worry about keeping an eye on your little ones.

If you’re just headed into Food Lab for a family meal, you can also ask for the kids’ menu.

Vejce Dejvice

Located in Dejvice Vejce serves breakfast all day every day – perfect for those kids who constantly have a craving for pancakes. For those who aren’t into breakfast food, they also serve lunch, dinner, cakes, and other desserts. Enjoy your meal with one of their specialty cocktails, prosecco, or a simple coffee.

The space is clean and bright, so it’s the perfect place to start your day. The friendly staff operates with kids in mind, so the whole family will enjoy the atmosphere.

Mistral Cafe

Located in the center of Prague Mistral Cafe is the perfect place to start if you plan to spend the day exploring Old Town. It’s known for its specialty coffee, bright and friendly space, and delicious breakfasts. They also serve a weekend brunch complete with eggs prepared in several ways, soups, sweets, and more.

There is also a children’s corner that was designed by the owner’s daughter. The area includes a paper house, a small table and chairs, plenty of toys, and a changing table. They also offer a small kids’ menu for when the little ones get peckish.

Kulaťák Praha 6

tables and bar in an empty restaurant in Prague

This is a traditional Czech restaurant that’s kid-friendly in the neighborhood of Dejvice. They serve delicious Pilsner beer along with specialties like fried cheese, pasta, fish, meat, and more. They also have a kids’ menu featuring soup, svickova, chicken strips, and other classics.

Kulat’ak also has a garden in the back that the kids can enjoy during warm weather. If you go through the garden into the courtyard, you’ll find a kids’ playground with a climbing wall. While you wash down your meal with a tasty beer, the kids can play and burn off their energy.

Banh mi makers at Letenské náměstí

This Vietnamese street food restaurant is known to have some of the best banh mi in town, as their name suggests. But it’s also home to many crowd-pleasers besides just banh mi. They also have pho, spring rolls, and more, so there’s plenty for the kids to choose from. They also serve weekend specialties and plenty of refreshing lemonades that the kids will love especially during summer.

Once they finish their meal, kids will also enjoy playing in the kids’ corner complete with toys and games while you sip on a refreshing beverage. The kids’ corner is located in a side room that’s easily visible from the entire restaurant so you can watch them without hassle.


Lokalblok is located in the Smichov neighborhood and has an extensive menu and a full bar every night. The menu consists of Czech specialties as well as burgers and a few Mexican options. There is also a kids’ menu that consists of meatballs, chicken, and pasta.

You’ll also find that there’s a kids’ playroom separated from the rest of the restaurant via a wall with windows so you can see in. The nature of this playroom is that the volume of the children playing is subdued, so you don’t have to worry about your kids being loud enough for the whole place to hear.

Bruxx and Parlament

Bruxx and Parlament are two restaurants operated by the same owner that are right next to each other at Namesti Miru. Bruxx is a Belgian restaurant serving specialties like Belgian beer, mussels, other seafood, and grilled meats. Parlament, on the other hand, is more of a modern Czech kitchen, with specialties like dumpling varieties and steaks.

Both are kid-friendly, with large outdoor seating areas and friendly staff. If your kids haven’t developed a more sophisticated palette quite yet, though, the kids’ menu at Parlament may be more suitable for them. They can choose from soups, meatballs, steaks, and more.

There’s also a kids’ corner that’s shared between the two restaurants. On weekends while school is in session, there is an art program in the kids’ corner, as well. If you download the restaurant’s app, you can watch your kids in this area via your mobile phone.

These are some of the best kid-friendly places in Prague. Of course, there are many more, but these are favored by mothers and children alike. If you’re looking for a relaxing meal in Prague with the little ones, you know where to go!

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