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Is Prague expensive to visit? Seeing as how we’ve lived here for the last 4 years we get this question a LOT!

Have you always wanted to visit Prague but weren’t sure how much it would cost? Never fear – we’re here to help you plan your budget no matter your travel style.

Located in the heart of Central Europe Prague should be on your travel bucket list. With easy access to other destinations, rich history and architecture, and great beer, you don’t want to miss it! It’s one of the best destinations in Europe for travelers.

But the question looms: is Prague expensive? Will a visit to Prague break the bank? Well, we have good news: nope! The cost of visiting Prague is much lower than most other European destinations (and a lot of other destinations around the world, as well).

Prague has something for every kind of traveler. Are you looking to soak up some history? Relax in a luxury spa? Explore the nightlife. No matter what, you’ll enjoy all Prague has to offer. Of course, depending on what you want to do while you’re here, the cost of visiting Prague can vary.

Is Prague Expensive to Visit? How Much Does a Trip to Prague Cost?

Exactly how much will a trip to Prague cost? We’ll break it down for you depending on what you want out of your vacation.

Views of Malat Strana, the Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle from the top of the bridge tower

Before You Book

So you’ve decided on Prague as your choice destination. Congratulations! You’re in for a great time. Now that the decision has been made, you should do a bit of research beforehand. Ask around for recommendations, read reviews online, and check prices across potential travel dates. See if you can come up with a ballpark budget based on this information. Is Prague expensive? Only if you don’t do your research beforehand.

There are a few other factors to think about that may also affect your budget and the cost of visiting Prague for you. How many people are you traveling with? When will you go and for how long? What do you want to do while you’re there? What are your main priorities?

Knowing what you want to get out of your trip to Prague will help you stick to your budget, whatever it may be.

Cost of Getting to Prague

Let’s be honest: finding cheap flights to Prague is probably going to be the hardest part. While Prague is easily accessible from most European destinations if you’re making an overseas journey the flights can be pricey. So is Prague expensive? No, but the flights can be.

Generally, if you’re looking to save money you should avoid the tourist season. This means don’t go during spring break, summer, or winter holidays – this is when flights are the most expensive. You’ll find the cheapest flights at the beginning of the year and in the fall. Here’s a breakdown of prices from a few hubs across different seasons, per person for round trip flights:

cost of flights to prague

As you can see, the prices from Chicago and New York differ greatly across the seasons. London, the closest and quickest destination to fly out of, is cheaper and doesn’t vary as much. Finding cheap flights to Prague is always easier the closer you are. Also, these were researched being in the main cabin or economy. So, if you’re flying comfort, business, or first class, you’re going to shell out much more dough.

If you’re looking for the cheapest flights possible, though, be prepared for a much longer trip duration – sometimes a day or more. Sometimes it’s worth sacrificing a little more money for more time in your destination of choice, but it depends on what your priorities are. If finding cheap flights to Prague isn’t a big deal to you, your travel time can be as low as 12 hours.

Pro tip: finding cheap flights to Prague will be easier if you check websites like Skyscanner, Kayak, and easyJet. You can even sign up for price alerts to find out when they have good deals.

Cost of Accommodations in Prague

Now that you’ve booked your plane ticket, you need a place to rest your head. The amount you spend on accommodation will depend on many different factors, including location, amenities, and privacy. Generally, is Prague cheap in this regard? For the most part. The cheapest options are things like Airbnb and hostels, but those can still get expensive depending on the level of comfort and location you’re looking for.

For mid-range travelers looking for comfort without spending an arm and a leg, the best options will be 3-star hotels. These will still give you a good amount of security and privacy without breaking the bank.

On the higher end of the budget, Prague has dozens of 5-star luxury hotels where you can pamper yourself day and night. Whether you’re looking for a spa experience or just an extra comfy and secure place to sleep, you’ll find it all in a 5-star hotel.

To give you some concrete price estimates, we’ve broken down each of these options below:

cost of accommodation in prague

These rates are per room, per night, so keep in mind if you’ll be splitting rooms and prices with other people in your travel group. Also, if you want a luxury hotel during tourist season, book far enough ahead. A lot of them are already sold out for July 2020. So is Prague expensive in this regard? Only if you want it to be. The actual prices will vary based on location and when you book, so be sure to do your research in advance when considering the costs of visiting Prague.

Cost of Activities in Prague

prague letna park views

Prague has a ton of stuff to see and do while you’re in town, so this will mostly depend on you. Is Prague expensive? It can be if you’re living the high life during your entire trip, but generally no. Is Prague cheap for sightseeing? Definitely, especially compared to other popular European destinations. Here are some things you won’t want to miss no matter what kind of budget you’re traveling on.

A visit to Old Town Square is a must. It is one of the most famous and historic places in the city as well as home to the Astronomical Clock. Watching the Clock do its hourly show is free, but if you want to go to the top of the clock tower, it’ll cost you about $12. For the full Town Hall pass, it’s $17. Then, take a stroll around the square and check out the food stands, the markets, and the restaurants surrounding it. You can also take a photo in front of the Church of Tyn, which is free to go inside.

The Charles Bridge is next on the list. One of Prague’s oldest and most famous landmarks, you can’t visit the city without walking across the bridge at least once. The walk across the bridge is full of beautiful views on both sides of the river, including the National Theater and the Prague Castle. You can also stop and listen to street musicians or browse the products of the vendors who set up shop on the bridge. Bonus: the bridge is free! You only have to pay $5 if you want to go to the top of one of the bridge towers. And the famous (and free) John Lennon Wall is located just a stone’s throw from the Charles Bridge, so you might as well take a peek while you’re in the neighborhood.

The Prague Castle is the largest castle complex in the world – it’s like a mini city inside and you won’t want to miss it. The castle complex houses St. Vitus Cathedral, the Rosenberg Palace, the Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, the Golden Lane, and more. Admission to the castle complex itself is free, so after going through security you can stroll around and admire the buildings. If you want to enter them, though, you’ll need a ticket.

The castle now sells circuit tickets, ranging from $12 to $17, and includes most of the buildings in the complex. You can also buy individual tickets for some of the buildings. You can also take a three hour walking tour of Prague Castle with a guide for about $12.

where to stay in prague - the best places to stay in prague

If you want to see the Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge, and Prague Castle in just a few hours you can opt for this walking tour that will run about $28.

Jumping back across the river, the Jewish Quarter is another part of Prague you won’t want to miss. This area holds so much historical significance and gives the city a lot of its personality. A quick walk through the Jewish Quarter is free, but you won’t be able to see much besides street vendors and a few monuments. If you want to truly explore Prague’s Jewish heritage, you’ll need a ticket to the Jewish Museum. The Jewish Museum is made up of five synagogues (but one is currently closed for renovations), the Ceremonial Hall, and the Old Jewish Cemetery. There are several packages available, ranging from $10 to $25. Another part of the Jewish Quarter to see is the famous Pařížská Street, with all the designer shops you could imagine. Is Prague expensive? No. But is Pařížská Street expensive? Definitely.

Wenceslas Square is the hub of Prague’s New Town. Lined with trendy stores and cafes, it’s free to wander and window shop but the amount of money you spend in the stores is up to you! The National Museum sits at the top of Wenceslas Square, as well. There are several options available for entry here, ranging from about $15 for a single exhibition to $23 for a full ticket to the Historical and New buildings.

Prague is famous for its classical music and theater scene, and where better to experience this part of the culture than the National Theatre! If you want good seats to a show here, you’ll have to book pretty far in advance, but the interior of the building alone is worth it for some people. Tickets in the nosebleeds will cost you about $7, while seats close to the front are typically between $25 and $30. Of course, the actual price will depend on the show you choose to attend and the kind of seats you want.

Lastly as a bonus, especially if you’re in Prague during nice weather, check out one of the city’s many parks! Trek up to Vyšehrad and see the old fortress, walk through Letná with a beer, or watch the sunset at Riegrovy Sady. Admission to all these parks is free (unless you want to enter a monument, of course).

So is Prague expensive as far as sightseeing goes? Absolutely not. Most of its main tourist attractions are free, and the ones you have to pay for don’t cost much at all.

Shopping in Prague

As a tourist in Prague, you’re probably not coming for the shopping, so we’re going to assume you’ll mostly be shopping for souvenirs. These are probably the most expensive things you’ll buy in Prague, from $7 for a shot glass to around $30 for some sweatshirts.

If you’re looking to take home some Bohemian glass, be prepared to pay a pretty penny!

Otherwise, knick-knacks you can find around town are quite cheap.

The Cost of Food (and Beer!) in Prague

Food is always an important part of the cultural experience in any place you visit, and Prague is no different. The Czechs boast a hearty menu including beef goulash, bread dumplings, fried cheese, and more. And that’s not to mention that the Czech Republic is the beer capital of the world – so you have to try to local stuff. A half liter of beer typically goes for around $2 here! So is Prague cheap for both eating and drinking? Absolutely!

That being said, there are plenty of Czech pubs that you can pop into for a hearty meal. The food is more expensive near the city center (maybe $25-30 for a meal and a drink for one), of course, so if you’re on a budget we’d recommend heading 10-15 minutes outside the center to find a more authentic and cheaper pub (we’ve had meals and drinks for as low as $7 – $10 per person!).

Prague is also home to some Michelin-star restaurants and other fine dining, so be prepared to spend more if those are the types of establishments you’ll be frequenting while in town.

Cost of Visiting Prague – Summary

So what exactly is the cost of visiting Prague? As you can tell, that will mostly depend on you. Is Prague expensive? Not exactly, unless you’re splurging on literally everything you see. Is Prague cheap? It most definitely can be. The most difficult part will be finding cheap flights to Prague – the rest is smooth sailing. We’ve broken down a budget for every type of traveler so you know what you’re up against:

cost of visiting prague overview

These prices are calculated for one person for a 7-night trip. The actual costs will vary depending on your preferences of where to stay, what season you’ll go, and what you decide to do, but these should give you a good ballpark to plan around.

As you can see, even a luxury trip to Prague is cheaper than mid-range trips to other popular destinations. So back to that looming question: is Prague expensive? Definitely not. So, get booking!

As always happy travels. We’ll see you on the road!

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Is Prague Expensive? If you're planning a trip to the Czech Republic then this is likely one of the questions you've pondered. How much will it cost to visit Prague? Will you be able to enjoy all the great things to do in Prague and stick to your budget? Can you afford a nice hotel in Prague? All this and more answered!

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